Panduit Connected Enterprise


There is a fantastic opportunity to explore Industrial Infrastructure Solutions, from Enterprise through Factory Floor with KP and Panduit. Industrial Automation Network specialists are available to discuss the importance of a secure, industrially hardened network. Areas of concern for visiting with a network specialist include: scalability, futurability, reliability, redundancy, and security of industrial networks. Feel free to let us know if you have any specific network or networking infrastructure questions you would like us to address.


This is a great resource for everything regarding machine safety.   And the best part is, it’s free!  If safety is your responsibility, bookmark this site today!  click here

Automation Solutions

There’s no doubt about it: Industrial Automation is the way of the future.  The impact improved automation can have on a process’s throughput are significant.  Product quality, production time, production overhead, and worker safety can all be improved, creating direct impacts to a manufacturer’s bottom line. 

But where should you start?  At KP, we have the resources and expertise to recommend solutions that accomplish your goals.  We have technical specialists on staff, as well as partnerships with Automation Manufacturers to aid in design, validation, and implementation of automated processes. 

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