Don’t Wait To Replace

Replace your soon to be eliminated lamps NOW, before it’s too late.

We are giving you the minimumthe goodthe better, and the best replacement options.


What’s Your Plan?

1.  Check to see if your lamps are affected

Visit and search!

2.  What do you replace them with?

View the minimum, good, better, and best  replacement options at
3.  Order replacements with Keathley-Patterson before July 14th

Discuss with KP to figure out wich replacement option is best for you.

Energy Efficiency: A Hot Topic!!

Going green: everybody’s talking about it.  From recycling, process optimization, power usage, and efficient lighting, there are a lot of things to consider.  Fortunately, no matter where you start, the impact on your bottom line is always positive.

At KP, we have the tools and connections to help you with all of these projects, but energy efficient lighting is by far the biggest, easiest opportunity.  Whether you need to upgrade existing systems or you’re working on a new addition, we can show you how Sylvania, Lithonia, and even Entergy can help make the payback quicker and your ROI higher.

Call us today to take a step in the right direction!